How do I choose a driving school in Geneva? Here are some important criteria to consider

Driving isn’t witchcraft. Nevertheless, you need a good education before diving into the street jungle. There are over 10,000 driving schools in Geneva. But how do you choose a driving school in Geneva? What criteria should you take into account and how can you refine your selection?

Find out the answers in the rest of this article!

How to choose a driving school in Geneva: general criteria

A reputable driving school provides transparent information on prices and services. Pay attention to the rules of the contract you sign with the driving school. All your training requirements are listed.

If you are still unsure, you can arrange a trial lesson (theory only) at many driving schools. Get to know the driving instructors and make your own impression. Trust your instincts: you’ll find it easier to get your driver’s license in a place where you feel comfortable. So it’s vital that you keep these basic criteria in mind when choosing a driving school in Geneva.

Choosing a driving school in Geneva: checklist for a successful search

As mentioned above, there are several driving schools in Geneva, but the fundamental question is how do I find the right one for my needs?

Here is a checklist to help you choose a driving school in Geneva:

Choosing a driving school in Geneva: check whether the school is a member of an association

Is the driving school a member of an association of driving instructors?

If so, it’s a sign of a well-founded and reputable driving school. Because it means that the driving school is well connected and regularly receives the latest information.

How much does it cost?

Take your time and compare individual positions: how much do theory and driving courses and special routes cost? What is the basic amount? Are teaching materials included in the price? What are the additional costs if you fail your first exam?

Can I change monitors?

If the chemistry between you and your driving instructor isn’t right, you should have the option of changing driving instructors. If this is not possible, e.g. B because the school has only a few driving instructors, you should be able to change driving schools. Basically, you should look for a facility with more than one driving instructor.

In return, you should be able to keep a constant driving instructor. If you are very satisfied with a particular driving instructor, the right driving school should also make sure that you arrange your practical driving lessons with him or her. A constant change of driving instructors is not optimal for you. Good driving schools will also find a solution to this. You alone must decide which instructor you learn to drive from.

Is there a written contract?

Only a driving school that gives you a written contract with terms and conditions (general conditions) is also a reputable driving school.

Does the driving school offer a trial lesson (only available for theory lessons)?

Are theoretical courses offered at different times?

You can choose between several appointments and are much more flexible.

What do your friends and acquaintances say? Have they already had experience with driving school? You can get the best driving school in Geneva through a recommendation. A good reputation is usually established for a good reason.

What clues does the Internet provide, and how available are they?

A good driving school will certainly also get good reviews online. It’s also important to know how the driving school appears on the Internet. Of course, you can also easily find the driving school’s number on the Internet.

  • Which driving school is closest to you? To get an initial idea, compare driving schools in your area. It’s also an advantage if you can easily reach the driving school.
  • Is the driving school reachable by phone during normal office hours? A good driving school has a separate office, which you can visit during normal opening hours.
  • Are the staff attentive and able to answer your questions? An appropriate driving school will clarify all your questions in advance.

Can you get to know the driving instructors in advance?

Driving school also includes finding the right driving instructor. Because he’s the one who should be teaching you how to drive, both theoretically and practically. When you get to know them for the first time, assess whether you feel comfortable with the facility’s driving instructors. A good driving school is more than just a driving instructor.

Ultimately, what matters is that you feel comfortable with the driving school. Only if you evaluate all these criteria and the positive first impression in advance can you also assume that you have received good driver training.

Auto-école Lémanique in Geneva: the perfect choice for your driving in Geneva

Looking for a professional driving school in Geneva? Then come and visit us at our branch. We offer ideal driver training in modern facilities. Our friendly service staff and qualified driving instructors are there for you. With Auto-école Lémanique in Geneva, you’ve come to the right place.

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In typical driving situations, you’ll learn the necessary safety skills and gain the right knowledge for your new daily life as a driver.

At our Geneva driving school, we offer our learner drivers excellent, well-founded training in a wide range of driving license classes at fair conditions. The many years of professional experience of our friendly and competent driving instructors make learning particularly easy and will accompany you on your way to obtaining your driving license.

Do you still have unanswered questions about registration, the procedure or driving school training itself? No problem, we’re happy to help you and our expert staff! We take our work seriously: At AEL, Auto-Ecole Lémanique in Geneva you’ve come to the right place!

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