How can I get my license easily? Our 10 tips for guaranteed success!

Have you already passed the theory test and mastered all your compulsory practical courses? So it’s not far from your driver’s license! As the practical test approaches, many learner drivers become nervous or panicky.

But it’s not necessary! Thanks to 10 tips from Auto-école Lémanique practical test tips, you can look forward to the day of the test with peace of mind and look forward to your driving test. Keep each of these tips in mind, because they apply to every candidate who wants to get his or her license easily!

1. Preparing for an easy driving test

Good preparation is the most important part of any exam situation. This also applies to getting your license easily. In fact, anyone who has mastered all the rules of the theory units and has acquired sufficient training and driving experience can take the practical test with peace of mind.

That’s why you shouldn’t save on driving lessons, but take enough until you feel safe in the car and on the road. If your driving instructor is also convinced of your skills, there’s nothing to stop you taking the driving test!

2. Take an exam simulation

Simulating a mock exam is a good way to train for emergencies. If you have already enough driving lessons to feel safe on the road to feel safe on the road, and would like to take the test in the near future, you can ask your driving instructor for a test simulation. He will no longer provide you with any assistance, but will simply give instructions and behave as the examiner would during the exam. This way, you can get used to the situation and test your skills yourself.

3. Plan your test date wisely to get your licence easily

You need to plan your exam date carefully so that you can concentrate fully on the practical test. So don’t take the driving test at a time when other important things are on your mind.

School exams – lining up so you can focus all your attention on one thing. Secondly, you’re more focused because you’re not distracted by thoughts of other appointments.

4. Don’t tell too many people about the exam

When the exam approaches, it’s probably particularly exciting for everyone. There’s just one appointment between you and your driving license, and then you can finally drive a car without a driving instructor. To avoid added pressure, we advise you not to tell too many people about the upcoming exam.

This only makes you unnecessarily nervous and increases your excitement when you feel you have to live up to other people’s expectations. It’s best to inform only the most important people about your driving test. You can surprise everyone later with your driver’s license!

5. Get your license easily: create a checklist

On the day of the practical test, there are a few things you need to remember. So don’t risk forgetting something you need to take with you, and increasing your nervousness unnecessarily. If you create a checklist a few days in advance, you’ll be more relaxed on exam day and will certainly think of everything. For example, your checklist might look like this:

  • Meet at X o’clock at the driving school
  • Take the bus at X time
  • identity card
  • Glasses (for spectacle wearers only)
  • depending on the weather: sunglasses
  • small bottle of water

6. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

In order to appear as calm and relaxed as possible during the driving test, it’s particularly important that you feel good about yourself. So make sure you wear comfortable clothes in which you can move around easily. You shouldn’t feel tight, too hot or too cold.

7. Get your driving licence easily: get plenty of rest before the practical test

In order to be fit and concentrated for the driving test, you absolutely must get a good night’s sleep. So make sure you go to bed early enough the night before the exam to get about 8 hours of sleep.

On the morning of the exam, it’s also important to eat a sufficient breakfast – but not too heavy. After all, your brain needs sufficient nutrients to function properly. What’s more, feelings of hunger and an overfull stomach reduce your ability to concentrate and therefore your attention to the exam.

8. Be on time

You should be able to start your practical driving test on time. Just try to be there on time. So it’s best to allow a little extra time to avoid unnecessary stress. It’s better to arrive half an hour early and wait a little longer than to be a minute late. Being late not only makes a bad impression on the examiner, but also creates time pressure and stress for you.If you’re on time, on the other hand, you can start the exam as relaxed as possible.

Important: if you still fail to turn up on time at the start of the driving test, even though you have planned a sufficient buffer, please inform your driving instructor in good time.

9. Try to stay calm

It’s normal to feel excited and nervous during the practical driving test. Nevertheless, you should try to approach the situation as calmly as possible. Realize that no one expects the impossible of you and that you don’t have to do everything perfectly. If you perform well overall, you can usually use it to compensate for minor errors.

Of course, your driving instructor and the examiner also want you to pass the test and have your license in your hands at the end of the day. The more relaxed you are, the better you’ll be able to concentrate on the road and traffic, and the better you’ll do on the test.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If, due to excitement during the exam, you don’t understand one of the examiner’s instructions, you can of course ask again. If you’re so nervous that shaking or clammy hands become a problem, it’s best to stop and breathe deeply so you can continue with greater concentration. In such a case, simply ask your examiner if you can take a short break. After that, you’re sure to feel better.


So far, we’ve seen how easy it is to get your driver’s license by following these 10 tips. Indeed, to make exam preparation easy, it’s important to enroll in a quality driving school with qualified and experienced instructors. This will give you a head start on the exam, thanks to the high-quality theoretical and practical courses you’ll receive from our instructors.

When you chooseAuto-école LÉMANIQUE, you benefit from quality training that gives you all the tools you need to become a good driver. Thanks to this thorough and comprehensive training, you’ll learn how to avoid classic mistakes and acquire the skills to be a safe and competent driver.

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