Advanced car courses

Perfectionnement de conduite


The aim of the advanced car course (manual and automatic) is to give you the confidence to drive your car again, following an accident or if you need to retake your driving test. With over 10 years’ experience, Auto-Ecole Lémanique’s instructors offer these practical courses in Geneva.


Our Geneva driving school offers a 50-minute refresher course for holders of automatic or manual driving licenses. Its aim is to improve your theoretical and practical knowledge, but above all to enable you to drive with confidence. Following traumatic driving experiences, or before taking your driving test again. We also offer you the opportunity to take a real-life practical test.

During this fully personalized course, our professional instructor (with over 10 years’ experience) will focus on your strengths and areas for improvement, and will be happy to accompany you to the Geneva motoring office if you need to retake your practical test.

Auto-Ecole Lémanique’s advanced car course is ideal for anyone wishing to rediscover the pleasure of driving, perhaps after an accident that has caused anxiety, phobia or trauma. The course is also designed for people who need to retake their driving test.

During the car improvement course, Auto-Ecole Lémanique’s instructors will work on the essential points you wish to achieve, in order to reach your objectives, defined in advance with the instructor. For example:

– broaden your driving skills in an urban environment or on freeways

– learn to drive economically and ecologically

– improve your parking methods

In short, the aim of this course is to give you confidence when driving, and to make this activity a real pleasure!

Auto-Moto-Ecole Lémanique offers a 50-minute refresher course in Geneva and the Lake Geneva region, Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm. The course can be run in your own car or in one of our vehicles, which we can make available to you in perfect condition.

The meeting point for the course is agreed in advance between the instructor and the student, as are the duration and frequency of the lessons. Routes are also run at your convenience. Auto-Ecole Lémanique can adapt to your needs, and is happy to accompany you to the Geneva motoring office if you need to retake your practical driving test.

Students must have their driver’s license and vehicle papers with them at all times (if they wish to use their car during the course).

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