1 driving lesson

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1 50-minute driving lesson

Description :

Treat yourself to a quality driving lesson that prepares you perfectly to take to the road with confidence. This 50-minute session is designed to optimize every moment and provide you with an enriching experience.

Procedure :

  • Program development : The first few minutes are devoted to planning the course. Our experienced instructor will discuss your specific goals and needs with you to tailor the program to your expectations.
  • Effective driving: Take advantage of 45 minutes of effective driving to perfect your skills behind the wheel. Under the careful supervision of our instructor, you’ll put the techniques you’ve learned into practice and gain confidence on the road.
  • Debriefing: At the end of the lesson, the remaining time is set aside for debriefing. You can discuss your strengths and areas for improvement, and receive personalized advice on how to make further progress.

Book your 50-minute driving lesson now and start your journey to safe, controlled driving.


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