Driving test: with or without an instructor?

Passing your driving test is a crucial step in the life of any future driver. Many people wonder whether it’s better to take the exam with or without an instructor .

Although it’s a legitimate question, when you look at the figures, there’s only one possible answer: yes, to maximize your chances of success, it’s best to take the exam with an instructor.

Still haven’t made up your mind?

Do you need convincing arguments to go for your driving test with a driving instructor?

L’auto-école Lémanique gives you several good reasons to have an instructor accompany you!

driving test

Optimal preparation to maximize your chances of success

Driving instructors accompany driving license candidates on a weekly basis. Which means they know all the ins and outs.

They know where to go, how to prepare … and how to maximize your chances of getting your driver’s license on the first try.

Why deprive yourself of such valuable support to avoid having to retake your driving test?

Statistical success: 75% higher pass rate with a driving test instructor

According to several studies, candidates who take the driving test with their instructor have a 75% higher pass rate than those who take the test alone.

This significant difference can be explained by several factors:

  • The reassuring presence of an instructor you know
  • Better psychological preparation
  • Better preparation for real-life driving conditions
  • Tips for a smooth exam
  • A final tune-up before licensing

All these reasons mean that candidates are better prepared, and often reassured, when they take their driving test for the first time.

Good knowledge of examination areas

One of the main advantages of going to the test with an instructor is that he or she knows the test zones inside out. Test zones are the roads on which driving inspectors often take participants, and on which they judge their ability to drive safely.

An experienced Auto-école Lémanique instructor will take you to the test areas frequently used by examiners .

This familiarization with the potential course will enable you to anticipate and manage more easily the driving situations you may encounter on test day. If you know the route, you’ll reduce stress by half!

Final adjustments before the driving test

As well as teaching you to drive in the best possible conditions, your driving instructor will be present on the day of your driving test. It’s the perfect opportunity for a final tune-up, so you can face the unexpected with confidence!

Technical corrections

Before the exam, the instructor can help youmake the final technical adjustments you need to be perfectly ready.

This includes correcting minor driving errors, perfecting specific maneuvers such as parking and U-turns, and reviewing priority and signaling rules.

So many little details that can make all the difference on driving day, especially if you know the road well!

Behavioural advice for the driving test

In addition to the technical aspects, the instructor also plays a key role in adjusting your driving behavior.

It can remind you of the importance of prudence, anticipation and reactivity, essential elements for safe and successful driving.

Your instructor’s support: essential psychological preparation

To go even further than technical concerns, the presence of a driving instructor at your side on the day of your driving test is perfect for putting you in the best possible psychological conditions.

In fact, if you act calmly and concentrate on driving and the road on the day of the test, you’ll have everything you need to ensure that the exam goes smoothly.

Stress management before and during the driving test

Exam day is often a source of stress for many candidates.

The presence of a monitor can greatly help reduce this anxiety .

At Auto-école Lémanique, your instructor is there to reassure you, motivate you and give you advice on how to manage your stress. He or she can remind you of relaxation and breathing techniques to help you stay calm and focused.


Finally, going to the exam with an instructor can also boost your self-confidence. Knowing that you have someone by your side who believes in your skills can make a big difference to your state of mind.

This increased confidence can help you perform better and show more mastery during the exam.

Students are in the best position to talk about it!

Many students testify to the fact that they passed their driving test thanks to the support of their instructor .

They’re in the best position to tell you all about it! We invite you to check out our students’ reviews and testimonials on our Google page and follow our Instagram to discover their stories and successes.

Seeing the positive feedback from our former students can inspire you and reassure you about the quality of our teaching.

The support of a driving instructor, a valuable asset

In short, there are many advantages to taking your driving test with an instructor.

The success rate is much higher thanks to optimal preparation, both technical and psychological. The instructor will take you to the test areas, make any final adjustments and prepare you psychologically, increasing your chances of success.

To maximize your chances of passing your driving test, we strongly recommend that you benefit from the support of your instructor. But not just any driving school: make sure you choose one that you trust and that helps you feel good.

For personalized advice and optimum preparation for your driving test, visit Auto-école Lémanique in Geneva. Discover the pleasure of learning tailored to your needs!

Driving lessons: with or without a driving instructor?

You’re about to take your driving test, but don’t know whether you should go with or without an instructor? AEL gives you the answer!

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