What is the best way to get a driver’s license in Geneva?

The Moto école Lémanique accompanies you on the road to driving! How can you get your driver’s license in Geneva with this motorcycle driving school? We’ll tell you how. This auto school offers a wide range of courses with experienced driving instructors.

Find out in this article how to obtain your driving license in Geneva.

Driver’s license in Geneva: Apply for a license or learner’s permit

You can obtain the application form for a learner’s permit from the cantonal motor vehicle office. An eye examination by an optician is also necessary. Your application must be confirmed by the Residents’ Registration Office (take ID and 2 photos with you) or, alternatively, directly by the Cantonal Motor Vehicle Office.

Take the theory test to obtain your Geneva driver’s license

Many driving schools offer theory courses , with which you can also fill in the theory questionnaires and discuss the issues. But you can also study independently for the theory test. There are now a variety of professional learning programs available, on CD-ROM, online or for mobile or app use. Depending on the category, 30 to 50 questions are required, 90% of which you must answer correctly. Only now can you begin practical driver training. To guarantee your driving license in Geneva, the Moto école Lémanique is the ideal choice for theoretical and practical driving courses. Find out below how the theory exams are categorized:

  • Categories A, A1: Basic theory test with 50 questions;
  • Category B: Basic theory test with 50 questions;
  • Category C: Basic theory test with 50 questions and additional theory test for trucks with 40 questions;
  • Category C1: Basic theory exam with 50 questions and additional theory cat. C1 30 questions;
  • Category D: Basic theory test with 50 questions; additional theory: 40 questions;
  • Categories F, G, M: Simplified basic theory without motorway regulations (30 questions).

With Moto école Lémanique, you can take advantage of these theory courses without any hassle.

Geneva driver’s license: Practical driving lessons

Training at Moto école Lémanique is divided into different stages. They are:

Let Moto école Lémanique explain how the training works. Then you’ll know what to expect. Also, if you wish to obtain a motorcycle license, you must first take a basic motorcycle course.

What should I do when trying to get a driving licence in Geneva?

As long as motor vehicles are driven by holders of a learner’s permit, they must have a blue sign with a white “L” on the back in a clearly visible place. The card must be removed if there is no training course. When learning to drive or test-driving a motor vehicle, the accompanying person must sit next to the driver. When reversing or parking, the companion must at least be able to easily reach the handbrake.

The holder of a learner’s permit may not take passengers on motorcycles – or on or in other motor vehicles with which he or she is authorized to carry out learner training – without an accompanying person who does not himself or herself hold the appropriate Geneva driving license.

Learner drivers are not allowed to drive on busy roads unless they have been trained. At the time of the driving test in Geneva, if they are ready, the freeway will only be used. On busy roads, hill starts, turns, inversions and similar exercises are forbidden. In residential areas, these exercises should be avoided wherever possible.

How to obtain your driver’s license in Geneva: explanation of the procedures

1 – First aid course

Unlike in some countries, you must take a first-aid course (“samaritans”). The certificate issued to you is valid for 6 years.

2 – Order form

You need to fill in the application form, which can usually be downloaded from the cantonal motor vehicle office website. In many communes, this form is also available for residents to check. Find out before you go in person to verify the inhabitant.

Then take the completed form to the car service or the residents’ registration office, together with a certificate stating that you have had your eyesight checked, a piece of identification with a color photo, the certificate from your first-aid course and your document (Swiss or foreign identity card). All documents must be original.

3 – Learner’s permit

Once you’ve passed the theory test, you’ll receive a learner’s permit, which authorizes you to drive in the presence of a companion (this can be a family member or friend) who is at least 23 years old and holds a three-year driving license.

4. Geneva driving test

To obtain your driving license in Geneva, you will usually be registered for the test by your driving school. Once you feel sufficiently safe behind the wheel and have completed the compulsory courses (awareness courses – “sensibilisation”) – you can register for the practical test. On the day of the test, you must present your learner’s permit and vehicle license (both documents in the original version).

If you pass the test, you will receive a provisional driver’s license. So now you can drive a car or motorcycle on your own – and without an attendant. If you fail the exam, you can repeat it. For further information, please contact the motor vehicle department in your canton of residence.

Two-phase training, advanced driving course

You must complete the compulsory course within one year (trial driver’s license). As a result, you can apply for your driver’s license to be issued definitively, at the earliest 1 month before the end of the probationary period. It will be issued on payment of a fee. Ongoing training includes practical exercises – and experience of driving situations under realistic conditions. Consistent braking in all situations is essential for accident prevention.

Although emergency braking is already part of the practical driving test, due to heavy traffic it is often impossible to practice or test it. Existing training schools for continuing education are ideally suited to this purpose. With La Moto école Lémanique, this two-phase training is possible. Join us on the road to driving!

Driving licence costs in Geneva

Driving lessons – test fees – licensing fees: If you want to get your driving license in Geneva, you’ll need to factor in a number of fees. However, prices for courses or exams depend on various factors. For example, the price level of the driving school – your place of residence or canton of residence – the estimated fees of the responsible cantonal automobile office. To get an overview of the budget for a driving license in Geneva, contact La Moto école Lémanique.

Did you get your driver’s license abroad?

Foreigners may drive a car in Switzerland for one year if they are at least 18 years old and hold a valid national or international driving license. If you have been living in Switzerland for more than twelve months, you must exchange your driver’s license for a Swiss driver’s license at the cantonal motor vehicle office.


How do I get a driver’s license in Geneva? If you come from a country that has concluded a driver’s license recognition agreement with Switzerland, all you have to do is submit the necessary documents – and you’ll receive your Swiss driver’s license in Geneva.

If you come from a country that does not have a driver’s license recognition agreement with Switzerland, you must at least successfully complete a test drive or retake a driving test. It’s well worth taking driving lessons with an approved driving school to prepare.

A learner’s permit is required if you first want to learn to drive motor vehicles. The learner driver must be accompanied by a person aged 23 or over – and who has held a valid driving license for the respective vehicle category for at least three years. Do you want to get a driving license in Geneva? Your Moto Auto can help you.

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