Driving: Discover the top 10 driving aids in your car

Cars launched on the market in recent years are equipped with a number of systems designed to enhance active and passive driving safety. These high-tech systems help prevent accidents by providing early warning and assistance. Knowing which devices are present in your vehicle will enable you to know how to use them at the right moment. This applies to both novice and experienced drivers.

Also bear in mind that the more safety systems a car is equipped with, the more affordable it can pay for car insurance, as insurance companies assess the risk of an accident with all these systems. So discover in this article, the 10 best safety systems that have been integrated into cars in recent years.

In-car safety systems: forward collision warning

FCW (forward collision warning) is a safety system that warns you in good time if there’s anything in your path that could present an accident risk.

For example, a pedestrian, a dog or another car that has suddenly stopped. The system is designed to prevent collisions by providing an early warning to the driver.

Automatic emergency braking

The emergency brakes are activated if, after the forward collision warnings, you have not stopped the vehicle. This safety system has been proven to reduce accidents by averting several collisions.

Emergency drivers often fail to apply the brakes because of time or stress. The result is a collision that could have been avoided if the appropriate safety systems had been in place. This safety system is very important whendriving a car.

Braking assistance

In the car, Brake Assist helps you apply the brakes immediately if an emergency situation is detected. Thanks to a sensor system, it detects the driver’s reaction to the brake pedal and assists him when he has to brake suddenly to reduce the distance to be covered.

Driving safety systems: blind spot warning

Blind spot warning is a safety system that warns you audibly or even visually if it detects a vehicle in your blind spot while you are trying to overtake or change lanes.

Newer cars have cameras and/or sensors in several parts of the car, all of which contribute to the vehicle’s active safety. In several cars beyond the warning, the system automatically corrects the course and puts you back in the lane.

Lane change system

The lane change system warns you when you’re crossing the dividing line on a freeway. The warning is either audible, visual or even with a vibration on your steering wheel. This warning is intended to wake you up so that you can immediately correct the car’s trajectory.

Lane keeping system

The lane keeping system is essentially part of the same ecosystem of systems as lane change assist. This assistance system “keeps” the car in the lane and also helps you turn by indicating the direction of the steering wheel when cornering.

Driving safety systems: Driver distraction

The driver distraction system ensures that the driver’s eyes are on the road at all times, and that nothing distracts him or her. This happens in a number of ways, including: Camera inside the cab, where it monitors the driver’s movements.

It evaluates the way you drive. If, for example, you’re on the freeway and press the lane line several times without flashing your lights, the system understands that the driver is tired and alerts you to stop. This safety system is very important in coning the car.

Automatic call to emergency services in the event of a collision

In the event of a collision, SIM-equipped cars can automatically call emergency services such as EMS and the police. In this way, first-aid arrival time is considerably reduced, and the stigma of the incident can also be sent automatically. You can also learn all about the importance of first aid courses by clicking on this link: First aid courses for driving licenses: What are they for and where can you take them?

Automatic high beam

Automatic high beams are a safety feature that has prevented a number of accidents. Driving with high beams on can be dangerous if you meet other cars on the same road and forget your headlights. So driving without your own lights is just as dangerous.

Hence the importance of the automatic lighting system, which turns on the high beams for you when you need them (detected by the sensors) and also activates the high beams when you’re driving on a road with insufficient lighting.

Airbags everywhere!

For the end, we’ve left perhaps the most important thing: the airbags, which are now in every corner of the car.

In addition to the classic airbags on the steering wheel and dashboard in front of the passenger, there are now also airbags on the sides, roof and in front of the knees.

The above safety systems can be found in more and more high-tech cars. They are designed to improve the vehicle’s active and passive safety.

Safety systems, while useful, are not always effective in the face of obstacles that require certain reflexes and skills. So reinforcing yourself and learning certain behaviors to become a good driver will only be an asset for you. To strengthen your driving skills and become a driving expert, opt for Lémanique driving school which will teach you all the principles of driving.

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