Accompanied driving in Geneva: a solution for young drivers!

Accompanied driving is an increasingly popular solution for young drivers who want to gain experience on the road before obtaining their driving license. In Geneva, this option is also available and can offer many advantages to young drivers and their parents.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what accompanied driving is in Geneva, how it works, its advantages over a conventional driving license, and how to choosing a driving school to learn. We’ll also look at the particularities of accompanied driving in Geneva and provide tips on how to succeed in this important step towards obtaining a driver’s license in the canton. If you’re a young driver or a parent looking for a solution to safer, more experienced driving, accompanied driving in Geneva could be the answer you’re looking for.

What is accompanied driving in Geneva?

Accompanied driving is a driver training program that enables young drivers in Geneva to familiarize themselves with driving under the supervision of an experienced accompanier.

The accompanied driving program in Geneva is called “apprentissage anticipé de la conduite” or AAC. It is open to anyone between the ages of 17 and a half and 25, who holds a learner’s permit issued by the Service des automobiles (SAAQ).

Early learning to drive is divided into two stages:

  • The first stage consists of a minimum of three months’ accompanied driving with a designated supervisor. During this period, the driver must travel at least 1,000 km with his or her companion.
  • The second stage is training at a driving school, where the driver takes theoretical theoretical and to prepare for the driving test.

After passing the driving test, the young driver receives a probationary license valid for three years. During this period, the driver must comply with certain rules, such as a zero blood alcohol level and a speed limit of 80 km/h on freeways.

In short, accompanied driving in Geneva is a progressive method of learning to drive safely, enabling young drivers to gain experience under the supervision of a supervisor before taking their driving test.

What are the advantages of accompanied driving in Geneva?

Accompanied driving in Geneva offers many advantages for young drivers. Firstly, it enables teenagers to start learning to drive earlier, from the age of 17. This gives them more time to gain experience on the road before taking their full driving test. What’s more, accompanied driving in Geneva is often less expensive than traditional driving lessons, as driving hours are shared between the instructor and the accompanied driver.

Another advantage of accompanied driving is that young drivers can practice with a companion of their choice, usually a relative or close friend. This can help strengthen family ties while providing a comfortable, familiar learning environment.

Finally, accompanied driving in Geneva can also help young drivers to develop good driving habits right from the start. They are encouraged to be more cautious and attentive on the road, which can reduce the risk of accidents and traffic violations.

All in all, accompanied driving in Geneva is a practical and advantageous solution for young drivers. It allows you to gain experience on the road at an earlier age, save money and strengthen family ties, while promoting safer, more responsible driving.

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Accompanied driving is an attractive option for young drivers in Geneva. This training method enables young people to familiarize themselves with safe driving, benefit from additional practical experience and gain confidence behind the wheel. Accompanied driving is also more economical than conventional training, and enables you to obtain your driving license more quickly.

However, it is important to to choose a qualified driving school like LÉMANIQUE, which has experienced instructors to ensure quality training. Accompanied driving will therefore be a really effective solution for young drivers in Geneva who want to obtain their driving license quickly and safely.

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