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Lessons are optional but highly recommended. By taking driving lessons with the instructors of the Driving School Lémanique, you will have a professional to guide you through learning how to drive.

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What are driving lessons ?

The driving lessons offered by Auto-Ecole Lémanique are optional but highly recommended. You will have the opportunity to be assessed by a professional, and practice under the same conditions as in the practical test. Our driving instructors will help you identify and improve your strengths and weaknesses. They are eager to pass on to you all the skills you need to make sure you pass the practical test.

Driving lessons are set at your convenience regarding days, hours and rhythm. Our driving instructors will do their utmost to suit your needs and availabilities.

Who are the driving lessons for?

Driving lessons are for anyone holding a valid learner driving license, who wishes to pass the practical test.

What are driving lessons for?

Auto-Ecole Lémanique will give you the best support when teaching you how to drive. At the end of the lessons, the driving instructors will assess whether you have reached the level required for the practical test.

What are the driving lessons like?

Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes. Your driving instructor will ensure the training is finely tuned to your level and needs. Lessons are held in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

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You must hold a valid learner driving license. Driving lessons are optional although highly recommended if you wish to acquire solid driving skills.

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