About us

Driving School Lémanique’s is the driving school give you freeness while your learning drive. We offer you an enriching learning course that you can manage the planning yourself and check your progressions yourself.

Our Purpose

Driving School Lémanique’s teams are assigned to:

  • Help you to overcome your fear while facing the steering wheel;
  • Let you know the right things to do while facing any road obstacles;
  • Give you assistance in getting your driving license;
  • Provide you an exceptional pleasure to drive

Our Aims

Driving School Lémanique’s is intended for all who wants to get a driving license, to improve your driver’s knowledge of road rules, both theoretical and to become an insanely great driver.

Our Worth

In our trade, we have up-to-minutes learning tools for driving, base trust on, competence on and promote transparency with a profitable pricing policy.

  • Driving School Lémanique’s is built with a team with close relationship, a sibling.
  • This relationship allows us to know our driving instructors’ strength.
  • You will enjoy the skill and experience from every driving instructor. Our driving instructors will lead you to your success.
  • While the learner drivers are passing, in turn, the driving course, one can see confidence among the driving instructors.
  • This confidence is also seen between the driving instructor and the learner driver.
  • Competence: we are trained as a professional and behave in this way.
  • From the registration step till you get your driving license, we will try to give you a really worth with a great and friendly relationship.
  • Transparency: All about our driving courses are available on our website.
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