Ne sous-estimez pas les parties théoriques du permis de conduire

Do not underestimate the theoretical parts of the driving license.

Indeed, the theory courses and the awareness course are two important stages of the driving license and constituting the pillars of your learning. These two courses allow you to strengthen your knowledge of traffic rules in Geneva and throughout Switzerland in order to better familiarize you with driving. Better integration of theoretical courses will benefit you for the rest of your learning. The goal is to obtain your test license more peacefully.

Do not go too fast and take the pace that suits you.

Do not hurry and take the time to learn at your convenience. The failure rate for the practical driving license exam in Geneva is mainly linked to a lack of preparation. It is therefore to your advantage to prepare yourself well for the big day and to know perfectly well the traffic rules as well as the technical mastery of your vehicle. We are aware that the driver's license is a real investment. This is why we offer theoretical and practical packs in our Geneva premises that are up to 50% cheaper than our competitors.

Do not think that you are alone in organizing your learning.

Your instructor is your ally and supports you throughout your learning process until you obtain your driver's license. A well-planned organization is necessary to perfectly coordinate your driving hours. Our professional team supports you and helps you find the right ratio between your driving hours and your accompanied driving. We also set up a guide for each student that allows you to see in complete transparency your journey while learning to drive in Geneva, your progress and areas for improvement.

Here are some tips on how to pass your practical driving license test in Geneva.

The importance of a good training vehicle

To have fun driving, it is important to choose comfortable vehicles, that is to say:

1-recent models,

2-with regular maintenance,

3-an optimal dimension for efficient driving in the city.

Be careful, however, not to show up on the day of the practical exam with a car that has an electric brake, as this is no longer allowed in Geneva.

Practice one hour of driving just before your road test.

We advise you to practice a driving session just before your passage to the practical test in Geneva. And to increase your chances of success, we strongly advise you to bring the vehicle with which you have practiced your accompanied driving. Being familiar with your vehicle and already having your bearings, you ensure a serene and well-prepared driving.

Choose your driving school wisely.

If you are in the event that you pass the driving license for the third time, a question arises about the quality of training of your previous driving schools. With Auto - Ecole Lémanique Genève, we guarantee you quality courses that adapt to your pace. Our team of instructors provide hours of quality driving according to your learning pace.

For information, it is important to check the reliability of your driving school. All our instructors are officially recognized by the cantonal vehicle office (OCV) of the canton of Geneva.

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