Le permis de conduire international

The international driving license.

 In order to inform you and advise you as well as possible on this subject and in order to avoid possible problems, we have written this article on the international driving license. I want to drive abroad but I have a Swiss driving license ... If you are going abroad, it is important to know the driving conditions in the country you are traveling to. Your Swiss driving license may not be valid in this case , you will need to apply for an international driving license. 

How to obtain the international driving license? 

If the regulations of the country require you to obtain an international driving license, you must make a request at the office of the automobile service of the canton of Geneva by post.

What documents do I need to provide to obtain an international driving license?

In order to obtain the international driving license, you are required to provide your original Geneva driving license as well as a passport-size photo, full face, bareheaded. If you wish to carry out the formalities by post, do not forget to also attach the photo and the photocopy of both sides of your Geneva driving license. The price of the international driving license is CHF 40.

For which case (s) should you apply for an international driving license? 

If your country of destination is in the European Union (EU) or in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) your Swiss driving license is valid. Like this It is not necessary to apply for a license to drive international. If the Swiss driving license is not valid, it is necessary to apply for an international driving license with the competent authority.

For how long is the international driving license valid?

The international driving license is valid for a period of three years without being able to exceed the period of validity of the Swiss driving license.

I have a foreign driver's license.  Can I drive in Switzerland? 

If you are a foreigner and want to drive in Switzerland, it is important that you know that foreign driving licenses can only be used in Switzerland for private races and for a maximum of one year. If you do not or no longer meet these criteria, it is necessary to exchange your foreign license for a Swiss driving license. 

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