Cours de Théorie

The Theory course is recommended for anyone willing to obtain an A or B category as well as A1 or B1 category driving licence. The course is 6 hours long on 4 days.

The aim of this course is to provide you with all necessary knowledge to pass your Theory test successfully.

The different themes within this course contain the main traffic signals and situations, all presented in the form of pictures just like in the test.

If you register for this course, you will also have the opportunity to come into our school and practice for the test for an unlimited amount of time on our tablets for free, during our opening hours. One of our instructors could also be made available to help you with the tests. As well, an App with all official exam questions is included in your theory course, so that you can easily practice at home on your smartphone.

In order to do the Theory test you must register for it at Geneva’s state car office. (OCV)

The Theory test is 50 minutes long in Geneva

The test is made up of 50 questions based on the following categories:

1-The priority rules

2-Traffic signals and road signs

3-Situations presented in picture forms

You have an option between 3 answers for each question. You can give up to two answers maximum per question and only one answer in the traffic signals and road signs category.

To pass the test you must not exceed more than 15 mistakes, it must be known that each incorrect answer or non-ticked box equals at least one mistake.

Results are given directly after the test has finished.

To be able to do the Theory test in Geneva, you must already have done the First Aid course and passed an eyesight examination by an optician approved by Geneva’s state car office (OCV).You must then have the certificate from the opticians, First Aid and the driving licence application form, all completed and signed and handed in Geneva’s state car office.

New and unique in Geneva! Once a month, the theory course is given entirely in English!

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