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The advanced car driving course is offered for both manual and automatic cars. It aims at restoring your driving confidence for example after a traumatic incident, or if you have to take your driving license again. These lessons are provided by our experienced driving instructors at the Auto-Ecole Lémanique (10+ years’ experience).

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What does the advanced driving course consist in ?

This 50-minute course is offered by our driving school in Geneva to those already holding an automatic or manual driving license. It aims at improving your theoretical and practical knowledge, and to help you drive with more confidence. It is useful to drivers who have experienced a traumatic incident on the road, or have to take their driving test again. We also offer you the opportunity to put yourself under real practical test conditions.

During this individually-tailored course, our experienced instructor (10+ years’ experience) will target your strengths and weaknesses. He/she will gladly accompany you to the ‘bureau des automobiles’ or ‘vehicle office’ should you need to take your practical test again.

Who is the advanced car driving course for?

The advanced car driving course offered by Auto-Ecole Lémanique is ideal for those

wishing to find pleasure in driving again after an accident that has caused anxiety,

phobia or trauma. It is also helpful for drivers who need to take their driving license again.

What are the aims of the course?

During the advanced driving course, your instructor at the Auto-Ecole Lémanique will

work with you to achieve previously-defined goals, such as:

Expanding your driving skills in an urban environment or on the highway

Learning about cost-efficient and eco-friendly driving

Improving your parking techniques

In short, the aim of this course is to boost your confidence and make driving a real pleasure!

Practical information

The Auto-Ecole Lémanique offers 50-minutes advanced car driving lessons in Geneva and the Lake Geneva Region from Monday to Sunday: 8AM-10PM.

You can drive your own car, or use one of our vehicles, which are always maintained to the highest standard.

You will agree with the instructor on where to meet and determine the number of lessons and the practice routes in accordance with your wishes. The Auto-Ecole Lémanique will adapt to your requests. The instructor will gladly accompany you to the Geneva Automobile Office should you have to take your practical driving test again.

Legal information

If you wish to use your car during the advanced car driving course, bring along your driving license, and the car’s documentation.

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